Welcome to the site of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) for the Diocese of Parramatta.

The CCD supports the 47 parishes of the diocese by conducting training courses that accredit Catechists/Special Religious Education (SRE) Teachers who teach in state schools. There are currently 700 wonderful volunteer Catechists (referred to as SRE Teachers in schools) representing their parishes in around 200 state schools across the diocese. Currently there are 350 students from Catholic Colleges in the Parramatta Diocese who assists as SRE Helpers in the classroom.

These classes provide the opportunity for the seeds of faith to be sown and then nourished by parents, parish life and future SRE Teachers.

If you are an SRE Teacher, this site is designed to provide you with the support and resources you require in carrying out your invaluable work in helping children understand Jesus’ message of ‘Love one another as I have loved you’.

If you are considering becoming an SRE Teacher, or simply want to know more about the work of the CCD, I hope this site is useful to you in gaining an insight into this important ministry of taking the Good News into our schools.

Special Religious Education (SRE) is an important ministry within this Diocese which supports parents, students, clergy and parishes in the religious education of approximately 16,000 students attending government schools.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has had an impact on this ministry. On March 23 2020 the NSW Department of Education provided advice that all SRE was to pause. As we emerge out of restrictions SRE is now allowed back in schools from the beginning of Term 3. The current concern is some  of those involved in the SRE ministry fit into the vulnerable category according to the NSW Health guidelines and the AHPPC guidelines.

We need your help!
Do you have a calling to spread the good news and joy of the Gospels to children?
Are you able to be there to support the children in the SRE classroom and the Catechists who are unable to return?
Please contact Cecilia in the CCD Office [email protected] or call 0427 268 699

Our Mission

The CCD consists of a united group who are mainly volunteers, dedicated and committed to Special Religious Education in State Schools.

We strive to ensure that Catholic students attending Primary, Secondary and Special Education State schools and their families have an opportunity to hear the Good News, to develop a relationship with God and to feel welcomed and valued members of the Church community.

We endeavour, by our living of gospel values, to nourish and support the faith development of the students and their families.

We will strive to help the children we teach to know and understand Jesus’ message of ‘Love one another as I have loved you’.

We accept the responsibility of continually calling each other to ongoing formation and commitment to mission.

We value the opportunity to work alongside other denominational groups in common commitment to students in State schools.


Our Catechists/SREs come from all walks of life for example parents, grandparents, self employed people, retirees, university students and senior secondary students.
If you are a Catechist/SRE with the Diocese of Parramatta and require teaching resources we’re here to help!


“Go out to the whole world; proclaim the gospel to all creation.”
Mark 16:15

The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) for the Diocese of Parramatta supports parishes by conducting training courses that accredit Catechists/SREs – to teach in state schoolst accredit Catechists/SREs – to teach in state schools.

Approved providers are required to have in place a process for reviewing SRE teaching. Click HERE to download the SRE Teacher review process.

The review process addresses identified issues, such as, further training and mentor support, and is used to update training courses in view of emerging classroom behavioural trends and best practice teaching techniques.

The SRE Safeguarding Code of Conduct training course meets the above requirement by providing information, guidelines and scenarios.


The Bishop of Parramatta has authorised ‘Christ our Light and Life’ as the approved primary curriculum to be taught across the diocese. Resources available include:
  • ‘Christ our Light and Life’ Teaching Manuals and Student Activity Books
  • ‘To Know Worship and Love’ student text books
  • The Big Books series attached to the Kindergarten to Year Two program
  • Other teaching resources as noted in the curriculum are approved for the classroom. However, new resources including dvds and other audio visual materials must be approved by the CCD Office before being used in the classroom. The use of classified films, programs and computer games in schools requires the approval of the approved provider CCD Diocese of Parramatta. All resources must be used in an age appropriate way and with sensitivity.
  • The approved curriculum that schools in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains follow is Christ our Light and Life, developed at CCD Sydney. It can be viewed at: https://ccd.sydneycatholic.org/publications/curriculum-resources/
  • Lesson Planner


A team of Regional Co-ordinators provides support to Parish Co-ordinators and Parish Teams to assist them in their ministry.

There are six CCD Regions within the Diocese of Parramatta. Please visit the Regions below for an in-depth look into the work of the CCD in your local area. Please feel free to approach your local Parish Co-ordinator/Team or parish priest if you have any questions about teaching Special Religious Education in your parish.


Contact Us


Parramatta CCD, Diocesan Office
Level 2 Bethany Centre
470 Church St
North Parramatta
NSW 2150
(PO Box 3066
North Parramatta NSW 1750)
Ph: 02 8838 3486

Director: Cecilia Zammit
[email protected]

CCD Office Manager: Maree Collis
[email protected]

Regional Coordinators

Blacktown Region
Connie Cassar

Blue Mountains
Melissa McDonald

Hawkesbury Region
Carol Vella

Hills Region
Wendy Hord
Helen Zammit

Nepean Region
Carmel Fenton

Fiona Clarke